KE7100 LANcheck LAN Tester

540 + TAX

The KE7100 LANcheck is an easy to use, handy and cost-effective LAN Tester. The little brother of the KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester is ideal for measurements in networks where documentation is not required or necessary.

  • Wire-mapping & precise fault location
  • Integrated cable database starting from 1 pair telephone incl. Profinet
  • Measures cable lengths up to 150 m (TDR)
  • Power over Ethernet test according to IEEE802.3af/at standard
  • HUB-Blink and trace tone signal
  • Master and Remote over voltage protected up to 100 V

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KE7010 Remote Unit
Features ID programmable 01 – 32
LED indicates good / bad
Housing Solid and weather protected ABS
Dimensions 61 x 41 x 26 mm
Weight 30 g
Wire Test Copper Check of wires connected to PIN and Pair
Detects split pair from 6 ft (2 m) on
16 dedicated wiring schemes predefined, easy creation of own definitions from 2 wires incl. Profinet
16 cable types with predefined VP values, easy creation of own definitions
Graphical display shows wire map with clear indication good/bad
Measures all wires separately and shows length to fault short/open
Power over Ethernet Test Activation of PoE/PoE+/PoE++ port
Measuring of voltage and current. Shows available power in watts
Cable Trace Hub-Link Blink Function
Trace tones to be detected by capacitive Probe (optional)
4 tones selectable
Over voltage protection Up to 100 Volt
Housing Solid and weather protected ABS with drop protection
Battery 4 x 1.5 V Alkaline (AA) > 40 hrs operating time
Dimensions 195 x 100/78 x 45 mm
Weight 380 g without battery
Menu Language German, English
Environment Working temperature: 0 °C – +50 °C
Storage temperature: -25 °C – +75 °C
Humidity: 90% not-condensing